Ahsan Manzil, One of the historical place of Bangladesh.

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In the mughal era, Ahsan manzil was known as the “Rangmohol”/”Rongmohol” which was a garden house of Sheikh Enayet Ullah, the land lord of Jamalpur Porgona district who wad a very charming person. Acquiring a very big area,  Kumortuli (Kumartuli), Sheikh Enayet ullah included it in his garden house and in that garden the Rongmahal  was built and thete he used to keep some  beautiful girls dressed in gorgeous dresses and ornaments from his couuntry or abroad to enjoy. There is a tale from that time that a foujdar of Dhaka (representative of mughal emperor) being attracted to one of the beautiful girls, invited Sheikh Enayet Ullah to a party one night and at the time of returning home  killed him in a conspiracy and in that grief the girls committed suicide. The grave of Sheikh Enayet Ullah is in the north-east corner which was ruined 20th century.

In 1740 century this property of Rongmahal was sold to french traders by the son of sheikh anayet ullah and a big palace was built in by the french traders and dug a pond for sweet water in the newly purchased property and that pond is still existing in the compound of Ahsan Manzil which was called “Les Jalla” in that time. In the English-French war, French getting defeated and their properties was captured by the English. In 1785 the property was transferred to a

French tradesman named Mr.Champigni, and retaken it at 1801 and the property was again returned to french in 1827. In 1830 the trading house of kumartuli was purchased by Khwaja alimullah and added a stable and family mosque was added in the compound and after his death,his son Khwaja Abdul Gani making a great flourish to the property, and named it “Ahsan Manzil”.

In the evening of 7 april 1888, due to a devastating tornado in dhaka, Ahsan Manzil was severely damaged and abandoned. An English engineer from Kolkata examining the Rongmahal, said that except the palace, the other parts of the palace need to be reconstructed.
With a new design and supervised by the local engineer Gobinda Chandra Roy and with the attention of khwaja Alimullah and his son other parts were reconstructed to a two storied building keeping similarity to the Rangmahal. With wood a gangway has been made connecting the first floors of the two buildings. The Dome was the most beautiful thing made in that time which had made the palace so beautiful. After the death of Khwaja Ahsanullah in 1901, the glory of Ahsan Manzil could not be continue the glory by his successors. So then the property was rented then in 1952 govt. acquired the property.

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