Best types of headphones for your better life

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Now a days teenagers enjoy listening music while traveling, doing any kind of exercise or activities by getting updated and best types of headphones available.   Some of them believe that best type of headphones  inspire their speed of work. Some of them also enjoy while solving equations. Best types of headphones made it possible to believe that it’s helpful for them to listen without carrying a phone or to listen privately. In this modern era,  people of every ages prefer to use headphone and they prefer to believe that types of headphones give them different benefits. Headphones come in many types and they are all best for their own features.

There are several types of headphones:

  • Closed-Back Headphones
  • Open-Back Headphones
  • On-Ear Headphones
  • Over-Ear Headphones
  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Earbuds
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Noise-Cancelling

Closed back headphones:

These are sealed from backside that’s why they are being called closed back headphones. It only allows the played sound to reach your ears and blocks outside sounds. It’s bigger in size in comparison to others and can feel pressured on your ears.  Your ears can get warmed if you use it for a long time. It’s mostly used in studios. Apart from this,  it’s suitable for casual listening, listening at the office, commuting, recording or to listen your own voice while recording. If you can’t tolerate heat on your ears or any kind of pressure,  you should avoid closed back headphones.

Open back headphones:

Headphones that can pass air through air cups to speaker element are open back headphones. The sound looks natural if the air gets passed. So open back headphones provides us accurate and natural sound. As the headphone cups are perforated and escapes some of the sound, the volume doesn’t become too loud. As long as the sound range of open back headphones is kept on reasonable volume,  it’s safer choice to use. But it can’t block outside sounds so it can be more noisy and you can hear everything going around you. They can also leak the sound out. If you wants to hear privately than you should avoid  open back headphones. Being breakable it needs to be cared and handled  with moisture. It’s  appropriate for listening at home. It’s avoidable for  Commuting,Blocking outside noise,Listening on the plane and Listening at the office.

On ear headphones:

These are worn on ears and weigh less. It has good quality of sound and gives off wide sound range. It’s easier to carry. It’s lighter. It doesn’t shut up outside sound so it’s usable in traffics and outside. Being ear pads pressed inside the ears it can hurt the ears. The On ear headphones need to be rest on head. If they don’t have softer portion it can be hurt able.

Over ear headphones:

Over ear headphones have bigger ear pads and can get fitted well over ears. They can block outside sound. Over ear headphones produce natural sound.. The ear cups stay fallen over ears so prevent outside sounds and so it’s pleasant in noisy environment and public places.  Being bigger, it’s inconvenient to carry. The ear gets surrounded by over ear headphones not pressed. The ear pads surrounds the outer ear part. Over the ear headphone comes in two types: closed back and open back headphones.


It’s a little bud worn inside the ear to produce sound.  It’s like a tiny speaker. Being smaller it’s easy to carry and placed inside the ear. It doesn’t need any kind of support of extra band to be stable. It goes very nearly to eardrums so it’s risky to be played on higher volume.. It sits on ear tips and simply pleasurable and. Being flat,  they are easily portable. This one of the latest addition of headphones. It’s affordable. They are wireless and operated by Bluetooth connectivity. Things you need to think before buying earbuds: compatibility to your device, sound quality.. You should also check the fitting for your ears. It’s wiser to avoid cheap earbuds. Earbuds need charging case to be charged. And the charging case itself needs to be charged. So Battery life for Both should be kept in mind. The timing of keeping the earbuds in charging should be maintain while using. There are also noise controlling buds which can prevent outer noise to disturb you. But this feature can reduce the charge faster.

Bluetooth headphones:

A headset or pair of earphones connected by Bluetooth to a device is called Bluetooth headphones.  Bluetooth headphones stick to ear without extra wire. Some of them happen to have a small wire only to connect the ear pads. But it Doesn’t need to be connect to phone with a plug extended with wire. It’s easier to use while working. We can talk even without holding a phone. We can keep the phone anywhere and talk or hear only with the Bluetooth headphones. It’s a great experience to work and talk together. It’s easier for them to talk who can’t get their hand free from work. All you need to notice is if the Bluetooth headphone fits your tip of the ear. If the Battery life is suitable for your use. And obviously if its compatible to your device. It’s also easier to brief any kind of work at the same time of doing that.

Noise cancelling ear buds:

If you are listening  something important and wants to avoid surrounding sounds than you can prefer to use noise cancelling buds.  But it also helps you to enjoy the accurate audio signals.  For music lovers who wants to enjoy deeply, noise cancelling ear buds is suitable. But it’s better to be used at home. It’s quite risky to be used on the roads and at office also. It can harm your work if you can’t pay attention to others tips and orders for work. It also requires a lot of charge.

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