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A device attached to a fishing rod to catch fishes or to wind and stow line is a fishing reel.  It is a kind of cylindrical device. Normally the term “Fishing” means to catch or bring out fishes from water.  That can be for eating or selling.  Some people take it as a enjoyment for a short time. It is a kind of hobby for them. Some people do fishing  to eat fresh fishes which  has health benefits for people. Nowadays fishes found in markets are full of formalin that is not good for health. In rural areas it is easy for people to catch fishes instantly. Mainly people in rural areas earn their livelihood by fishing. In towns fishing is seen only as a hobby.  For ages people used to dive in the rivers or seas and catch fishes with nets. In the modern times fishing reel is invented for fishing. Fishing reel comes in different sizes and mainly in three types.

The types of fishing reel are Spincast, spinning and baitcast.  Despite having different functions and features,  all of them work maintaining the same principles.. The diameter of the spool comes in numbers like 1000,2500, 3000, 4000 etc. These numbers are used according to the size of a fish.

A reel that mounts on a spinning rod and has a stationary spool is a spinning reel.  The stationary spool locates on the side of revolving metal arm. The revolving metar arm catches the line and winds it onto the spool turning a handle. The line spirals freely off the spool disengaging the metal arm during casting, carried by the cast lure.

Spincast reel is used as problem solver of backlash which is found in baitcast designs. It disengages the line pick up by pressing a button on the rear of the reel.  The button gets released allowing the line to fly off spool during the forward cast.

With a trigger handle that sits on the top of a casting rod having a revolving spool is baitcaster reel. Right handed people prefer to use this. Baitcasters are preferred and recommended for having a strong line during fishing in heavy weeds. To pull the rod tip down to side,  baitcasters are comfortable.

Due to the inventions of [modern fishing Technology],  it’s economically helpful. It’s a kind of income source for many people. By selling a fishing reel you can earn. By fishing you can earn.  Fishing can be preferred as self employment.  Selling fish or shipping fishes to other countries is a good source of income. Modern inventions like fishing reel inspires people for self employment. Fishing reels can catch bigger fishes so it is easy to catch sea fishes. Most of the sea fishes are bigger in size. There is also big fishes in rivers too. Since the spool has different sizes designed as per fish’s size you can choose reels considering the size of fish, which you want to catch.

Nowadays people like to compete in many things as a hobby or to pass leisure. Fishing is one of them fishing reel has made fishing competition more exciting. Now it is easier for everyone to compete equally. Fishing reel is also played a role for competent.  People get inspired to do fishing wherever they see a fishing reel. Whenever people visit their native village fishing is one of the exciting way to pass their time and to enjoy.

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