Harmful Effects of Smartwatch and Protection Tips

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Harmful Effects of Smartwatch and Protection Tips

The smartwatch response is one of the most controversial issues in the world today. Technology is growing at a vital rate, creating huge populations depending on it. Harmful Effects of Smartwatch. Although, some of these creation are leading to problems which might not be recognized in the short run, but they are going to create devastation in the longer run. Basically many companies from smartphones to smartwatches, the world appear to be busy creating extreme improvements in the technological aspect. Most of the persons are busy gifting these watches to their loved ones without knowing about the various health issues that can get triggered by them.

The smartwatches might be helping with the daily activities but the various health problems cannot be ignored. Smartwatches emit Electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation which is extremely demeaning and harmful. Similar benefaction also needs to be done in the field of smartwatches to educate people about the problems that they trigger. Apart from Electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation, a list of other smartwatch side effects has been mentioned below.

Nausea and Headaches:

If you’re a 24/7 smartwatch wearer and tend to find yourself prone to nausea and headaches

A Smart watch has EMF radiation. Some of the smart watches with EMF radiations leave some effects in individuals that can be harmful if it is neglected. Mostly people who use a Smart watch for a long time are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with radiation. Due to EMF Radiation a smart watch wearer for a long time a tends to find Himself prone to nausea and headaches, these symptoms could be the direct result of radiation. These effects of a Smart watch on a man can be controlled if it is used not longer or a man can use it giving a break.

Impacts on health:

Sleep, Memory, and Mood-Related Issues: Individuals suffer from issues during sleeping or relaxing time due to using a Smart watch continuously. They have experienced insomnia for their use of smartwatches continuously. Some times they tend to use a device before sleeping and they lose their mood or feeling of sleep and keep using the device like a smart watch which is commonly possible with any consistent use of technology because it can result in reduced concentration and lowered productivity.

There is another effect which occurs when a user fails to disconnect before bedtime which becomes a addiction towards a device. As a result of sleep issues, memory problems and mood swings have also been reported. Due to the blue light used in technology like smartwatches can be difficult for the brain to shut down after using them. So you should shut down all technology 2-3 hours before heading to bed. Engage in quiet activities like reading to give your brain a rest

Sleep, Memory, and Mood-Related Issues:

Furthermore, individuals have also reported that they have experienced insomnia in relation to their use of smartwatches. This is common with any consistent use of technology because it can result in reduced concentration and lowered productivity. The largest problems occur when users fail to disconnect before bedtime.

As a result of sleep issues, memory problems and mood swings have also been reported. Due to the blue light used in technology like smartwatches, laptops, cellphones, televisions, etc., it can be difficult for the brain to shut down after using these items.

If you find yourself lying awake at night, strive to shut down all technology 2-3 hours before heading to bed. Engage in quiet activities like reading to give your brain a rest.

Body Dysmorphia:

Body Dysmorphia occurs when a man gets use to a activity and can’t give attention to another activity. Like a Smartwatch gives you notification alert with a notification tone which keeps ringing near you and snatches all your attention due to that you can’t feel another activities what you need to do or you were doing but stopped midway giving attention to the notification. A health risk that often flies under the radar with smart devices like a smart watch is body dysmorphia. Due to this effect smart watch users reportedly suffering for overeating tendency. While eating they constantly eat under the bell sound of all the notifications and information that surrounds him. This happens because the mind does not respond to the activity of eating while one is busy with their smartwatch.

They keeps eating and can’t feel that it’s time to stop eating. There’s been an increase in the number of individuals who overeat due to constantly being distracted by the notifications and information accessible right in their hand. Being flooded by notifications and information right to your wrist, a Smart watch user is less likely to notice everything else going on around you. If you’re sitting at a table and eating, you may miss your body’s cues that it’s full. This often results in overeating and overindulging, which may result in unnecessary weight gain. Effects of Smartwatch


Rapid use of a device keeps a user distracted from social life like interacting with a man face to fact. Smart watch also distracts a man while being  connect. Smartwatches remove you from the present, even more so than your phone does. It may not be acceptable to remove a phone from your pocket during  important dinner or other specific social situations, but a smart watch being attached to your wrist allows you to be constantly distracted. Being connected to social media is one of the most useful benefit of a smartwatch, but at the same time, it can be a significant drawback.

Smartwatch Radiation Protection Tips

Protecting yourself against the negative impacts of a smartwatch EMF radiation comes down to knowing how and when to use your smartwatch safely.

If you want to read about radiation from apple watches in particular, here is my article on apple watch radiation protection.

1. Don’t use your smartwatch when it isn’t needed

When you first get your smartwatch, you’ll probably be pumped to use it whenever you can. In fact, a lot of these companies get sales by showing you the benefits of using it 24/7. Do you want to track your waking and sleeping activity?

Well, guess what! Your new watch can now do that. However, limiting your usage of your watch will be key in ensuring that you don’t suffer as many harmful effects from EMF radiation.

When you’re sleeping is a great time to take a break. There’s no real reason you need to track anything in your body at this time, you’ll be able to charge it, and let’s face it, it’ll probably be much more comfortable to sleep without something restricting your wrist.

You can also benefit from not using it as much when you’re at home, when you’re not as active or when it’s a weekend. Be mindful that you’re using it when you really need to. If it isn’t actively serving a purpose, give your body a break from it.

2. Turn off your watch at work and social event

One of the biggest health issues with smartwatches is that you feel constantly distracted. If you want to break this cycle and start feeling present again, it needs to be an active choice on your part. When you’re at work, decide that you’re only going to focus on work.

When you walk into a part, be at that party and truly focus on who you’re talking to. Decide that you won’t receive calls for the time being and that you’ll eliminate the radiation from the Bluetooth connection. It’s a win-win!

3. Keep your smartwatch in airplane mode

If you don’t want to turn off your phone entirely, put it in airplane mode. Airplane mode disables all of the cellular and Bluetooth connections of your watch.

While you’ll still have the primary off-line functions of your watch, you’ll be taking the radiation down to the next level. Consider putting your watch in airplane mode when you don’t need any notifications or messaging capabilities.  

4. Use a case to help protect against radiation

For example, this memonizerSMARTWATCH casing claims to help protect Apple Watch users from the negative effects of EMF radiation. However, be wary, there is a lack of data in terms of test results to prove the effectiveness of this product.

As smartwatches are worn directly on the body for a prolonged period of time, the electromagnetic fields and radiation have an impact through the symptoms above. By adding this additional protection (while also reducing your use and time wearing it), you put your health first.

5. Don’t become dependent on your watch

Most of us are probably at a little bit guilty of being dependent on the technology that helps us connect with loved ones. However, if you feel like it’s controlling you more than it’s helping you, it’s time to disconnect.

If you can no longer be productive because your life is constantly filled with scrolling or games, then discontinuing use of your watch for at least a little while may be wise. Practice going without it for a couple of hours, then a couple of days, then a couple of weeks at a time.

They say that three weeks without a vice officially breaks a habit! While it may seem like a waste not to wear a device you paid so much for, look at it as an investment in your health. It’s about knowing when you should be using your watch and knowing when you should go without it.

Final thoughts

While the efficiency and convenience of smartwatches are abundant, there are a variety of health risks that accompany this type of technology. Due to EMF radiation, it’s not always smart to utilize your smartwatch in all situations.

Heading to bed? Going into a work meeting? Having dinner with family? These are all situations that you can do without your watch in, and you’re looking at sleeping better, having fewer headaches, improving your memory, being in a better mood, eating healthy, and being present in what you really need to be!

For all of these reasons (and more), EMF radiation and smartwatches is an interaction to know about and be conscious of. Reduce your use and use a case that helps to protect your body. All that extra work will improve your health!

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    I will be making a doctor’s appointment to see what this is.

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