How To Make Healthy Pizza At Home

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How To Make Healthy Pizza At Home

Making Healthy pizza at home for daily

Hello, Mr/Mss Today I am talking about how to make healthy pizza at home there has been a lot of controversies these days about eating pizza. According to nutritionists, the pizza-beloved diet of young people of this era is pushing them toward an unhealthy future. Their statements are not untrue. Plenty of calories in pizza purchased from popular stores. It also has an abundance of saturated fat and is filled with sodium. Meanwhile, the younger generation’s favorite food, so they are not ready to give up. That’s why if you buy from home occasionally, and most of the time we make pizza at home, their hearts will probably thank us sometimes! And what do you know? No need to indulge in a home-made pizza. Great, isn’t it?

Essential Materials for Healthy pizza at home

Want to make pizza at home?

Whole wheat flour – one cup. As the dough has a scrumptious appearance (?), Press the hand and press the dough into the cup, so that the amount is correct.

    • Salt – half, or one teaspoon. (To taste).
    • Baking soda – two pinches.
    • Baking powder- half teaspoon.
    • Sugar- Two teaspoons of sugar.
    • Yogurt – I like to make softballs by rubbing the ingredients on top.
    • Olive Oil- Three tablespoons.
    • Chili sauce- Two tablespoons.
    • Pizza sauce or ketchup – two tablespoons.
    • mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese – four tablespoons.
    • Melt butter – two tablespoons.
    • You can use vegetarian or vegan items for toppings. I have taken
    • Bell paper red and yellow – thin, long cut.
    • Couch
    • Olive – a few.

Recipe for Healthy pizza Making at home

  1. When making pizza, first mix the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder with the finger.
  2. Now mix it well with sugar.
  3. Mix the dry ingredients with yogurt as well as bread flour. We will not use water, but instead, make yogurt with dough. And since there is no use of oats, the use of yogurt is inevitable!
  4. You have to cook for five minutes. You see, the mound is light, sticky.
  5. Now add oil and shake again for five minutes. (It is very important that the maize is well).
  6. Now divide the mandate into two equal parts. (We’re gonna make 2-inch pizza.
  7. Take the sand and roll it into a seven-inch radius.
  8. Apply oil in the baking container and peel it with a fork spoon, leaving the base of the roasted ginger so that the heat does not swell as the pizza gets hot. Through the pores, so that heat can be drained.
  9. Leave about half an inch around and place the sauces on the pizza base.
  10. Sprinkle the cheese.
  11. Arrange the toppings.
  12. Now bake 1 degree Fahrenheit, meaning 1.5 degrees Celsius, or until pizza cheese is melted and crust on the crust (about half an inch apart).
  13. If there is no oven, place a metal ring or bowl with a little salt in a deep frying pan, place the pizza in a steel plate over it, and cook well covered for ten minutes. Then open and watch until the pizza is well baked.
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How To Make Healthy Pizza At Home

How To Make Healthy Pizza At Home

Making Healthy pizza at home for daily Hello, Mr/Mss Today …

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