Why do I never weight Loss? Some reasons that can meet your query

Why do I never weight Loss?

Weight loss is possible but can be difficult for some people. There are many people who think they never lose weight and actually, there are people who never lose weight maybe they aren’t able to. Some underlying health conditions can be the cause of why they Don’t lose weight. Let’s know some of the reasons:

You may not realize if you are losing weight or not. There are many people who lose weight too slowly that they do not realize even if they are losing weight or not. They are some people whose lost weight doesn’t reflect on their body. Some people even calculate after 2-3 days and declare they are not losing weight. It should be known that to lose a specified amount of weight you need to wait for several months only then you can realize if you are losing weight.

Lack of protein in your food is one of the reasons not to lose weight. Protein is known to be the only nutrient that works to lose weight. Many of us believe that protein like meat, eggs can play a role to gain weight. That’s a myth. Protein plays the most important role to lose weight. Protein should be taken instead of ignored and carbs should be avoided then you can witness a change while losing your weight. When you eat protein at 25–30% of calories that increases metabolism by 80–100 calories per day and helps you to automatically eat several hundred fewer calories per day. It drastically reduces cravings and desire for snacking.

Intaking extra calories are the most powerful reason to stop you from losing weight. Some people think calculating calories in your food doesn’t apply to you but it is a must for everyone to calculate calories for every serving of your food. Extra calories make you gain weight which is the opposite to lose weight. You need to track your calories what you’re talking about every meal and need to reduce it.

Skipping exercise is one of the main causes to stop you from losing weight. You should never think that only a healthy diet can help you to lose weight and also that exercise isn’t a must for Everyone. Types of exercises may differ according to individuals but are a must for every individual while planning to lose weight. With a healthy diet, you need to do regular exercise.

If you are still eating sugar. Sugar is the cause behind many of the disease and sugar mainly make you gain a lot of weight. If you Don’t stop eating sugar you can’t lose weight. Some rules which are mandatory to lose weight, avoiding sugar is one of them. Some fruits naturally contain sugar that should be avoided.

When you become restless and can’t be able to sleep properly which stops you to lose weight. Studies show that poor sleep to be one of the single biggest risk factors for obesity. You should complete your sleep every day. You need to sleep early which helps you to lose weight.

If you don’t stop taking carbohydrates your all the affords to lose weight are waste. The first and most important step that should be taken to lose weight is to avoid carbs. You can see that effective weight-loss diets don’t have food that contains carbohydrates. So firstly start with avoiding carbohydrates and sugar which is also a part of carbohydrates.

Medical conditions like PCOS, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea makes you gain a lot of weight which doesn’t let you lose weight easily. Firstly you need to control these diseases only then you can lose your weight but you know what! to control these diseases weight loss is a must. That means you need to keep losing weight while being treated for these diseases. You can not think that you would first take medicines to control these diseases and they may try to lose weight. You need to follow both of them together.

Not avoiding junk food wastes your all workouts to lose weight. As you know that you need to avoid extra calories and for that, you need to stop eating junk foods. Junk foods are one of the biggest sources of extra calories.

If you lose your patience after a couple of weeks thinking that you can’t lose weight. Losing weight for some people actually needs several months. So you should lose your patience. Keep trying and you can lose weight.

You need to know a lot of facts about losing weight. Hope that these reasons meet your query that why you never lose weight.

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