What is email marketing ?

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What is email marketing

What is email marketing? definition, benefits, how it works and best practices

A complete guide to learn what is email marketing, why it matters for business, how it works till the key elements of an effective email marketing strategy and the mistakes to avoid.

It’s not easy to market a business in today’s fast-changing marketplace. From driving website traffic to delivering targeted content, your marketing strategy needs to cover a lot of ground. Not to mention, with the many emerging platforms and technologies, marketers feel like they’re constantly chasing after bright shiny objects.

We get it. You want a proven marketing strategy supported by well-established tools. The good news? The solution is right under your nose!

When’s the last time you checked your email? That’s right, email marketing is still highly effective. Email campaigns can be used along the entire customer journey to generate leads and drive high-quality traffic. However, as powerful as email marketing can be, consumers are also rather jaded when it comes to email. If you don’t have a well-designed strategy, your campaigns will get ignored and you may even risk losing customers’ loyalty.

In this complete guide to email marketing, we’ll show you how email marketing works, what tools you can use to execute your campaigns, key elements of an effective email marketing strategy, the latest email marketing best practices, and how to use the right metrics to track your progress.

What is Email Marketing? A Complete Guide

  • 1. Email marketing: what is it?
  • 2. Why email marketing should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy
  • 3. Understand how email marketing works
  • 4. Five reasons why you should rely on email marketing in 2020
  • 5. The benefits of email marketing for your business
  • 6. Email marketing services and automation tools
  • 7. Five elements of an effective email marketing strategy
  • 8. How to build an email list
  • 9. How to segment your email database
  • 10. Nine ways to improve your email open rates
  • 11. The elements of an highly effective email copy
  • 12. Email marketing best practices for 2020
  • 13. Email marketing KPIs

1. Email marketing: what is it?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps you achieve your marketing objectives by sending emails to a subscriber list of prospects and customers. These emails may contain useful information, company news, advertisements, special offers, or requests for a sales meeting. They are often personalized based on the prospects’ demographic information or position in the sales funnel. Businesses typically use an email marketing tool or software to help manage their email lists and track their progress.

2. Why email marketing should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy

While new online marketing channels continue to emerge, email is still ranked by most marketers as the top channel. Here’s why it’s important to incorporate email marketing into your internet marketing strategy:

      • It’s more effective than social media for turning prospects into customers. Unlike social media, you’re not at the mercy of algorithm changes so you know exactly how many people your content is reaching when you send a campaign.
      • It’s budget-friendly and highly cost-effective when compared to most like SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing. It’s also fast and easy to send out an email, so you can respond quickly to market demands or consumer sentiment without a lengthy production process.
      • It allows you to leverage personalization technologies to deliver highly targeted content, which is now the key to meeting consumer expectations and driving engagement. 
      • It can tie all your marketing channels together to deliver a dynamic brand experience. For example, you can invite recipients to a social media contest or retarget subscribers who click on a product link with paid ads.
      • It works well on both mobile and desktop devices, as more consumers are now shopping on their smartphones and tablets. Email also has a much longer “lifespan” than social media posts. It gets prominent placement in the inbox and subscribers can easily save it for future reference.
      • It directs traffic to your website and drives sales. Transactional emails, or those directly related to purchasing products, are found to generate eight times more opens and clicks and six times more revenue than other types of email. It’s also highly measurable—you can track metrics in detail and remove the guesswork from your email strategy. 

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What is email marketing? definition, benefits, how it works and best practices

What is email marketing ?

What is email marketing? definition, benefits, how it works and …

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